viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014

Festival Tinglar

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sponsored by Sierra  Club Puerto Rico, and La Coalicion Pro Corredor Ecologico del Noreste- Festival Tinglar celebrates the coastal ecology of NE PR and its environmental community of migratory sea turtles (Turtle, ere the Rogelio) know as "tingular" in the Taino language.  The develop pressures on this side of the island have been opposed to the fragile eco-environment- homeland to the almost extinct Tinglar population.  The marine title Tinglar is worlds largest and its breeding grounds are threatened in Puerto Rico.

Come April 5, 2014 to Luquillo and support the community's interest in the preservation of Tinglar and the NE environmental corridor of PR.

Music featuring "El Topo" Antonio Caban, Son del Almendro, Grupi Tierra Adentro,  Gomba Jahbari, Banda de Reggae Escencia PR, Julito Alvarado Del Sur Al Norte, Circo Oveja Negra, and Maria Chuzema y sus Titeres along with many many others will highlight this annual ocean community in its ninth anniversary celebration.  

For more information contact Sierra Club PR.